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Business income insurance (a/k/a Business Interruption Insurance) is a type of insurance that covers the loss of income a business suffers following a disaster. The income lost is usually associated with the rebuilding process or disaster-related closing of the business preventing normal operations. The proper recovery of business income loss can mean the difference between simply moving forward in difficult times or financial ruin.

At The Farber Law Firm, we analyze the loss of income suffered, the policy, and the law to present the strongest claim to the insurance company so as to maximize our client’s recovery. As we handle your business interruption claim on a contingency fee basis, our clients owe us nothing until they receive compensation from their insurer. And, in some cases, the insurance company may be required to pay all or some of your/our attorneys’ fees and costs.


Working Hard to Make Sure Your Business Survives Following a Disaster

At The Farber Law Firm, we handle business interruption claims for policyholders in Miami and throughout Florida. In many of these business interruption cases, these claims are improperly denied or underpaid. You need a law firm who understands the ins and outs of business interruption claims and how to maximize your recovery. Whether it is a devastating hurricane, tornado, fire, explosion or other major peril, The Farber Law Firm can help you survive the disaster by forcing your insurance company to adhere to the policy and pay you what you are owed.

Right now, many people are suffering from COVID-19 also known as Coronavirus. While the loss of life is terrible and catastrophic, the economic impact this virus will have for years to come will devastate many businesses. Some business may have business interruption insurance, but many do not. For those business with business interruption insurance, the insurance industry will argue that it was never their intention to provide coverage for a pandemic (unless a very specialized insurance product, called a pandemic policy, was purchased in advance of the pandemic). Consequently, insurers have included significant policy provisions which may exclude or severely limit coverage for loss of business income caused by COVID-19/Coronavirus. Rest assured, that The Farber Law Firm will be fighting tirelessly to find potential coverage. If you are experiencing loss of business income from COVID-19/Coronavirus, contact us for a free consultation (but, please have your insurance policy available for our review) And, if you are fortunate to have purchased Trade Disruption Insurance, which covers embargoes, government closures of transportation, quarantine, and sometimes pandemics, know that we will fight to recover your loss of business income to get your global supply chain back on track and/or to restore your normal business operations.

I am founding attorney David Farber and I have spent a good portion of my career defending insurance companies in the defense of property insurance claims. Now I use that knowledge against the insurance companies to help policyholders recover full and fair compensation.

If you believe that your insurance claim was improperly denied, or that the insurer is not offering the full amount due, contact The Farber Law Firm today at 305-774-0134 for a free consultation and case evaluation. We provide aggressive insurance claim representation for business interruption claims in Miami-Dade County and throughout Florida.

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