Injured on A Cruise Ship? You Have Rights

Cruise Ship Assault and Battery Claims

Assault and battery occurs on cruise ships with some regularity. According to the Miami Herald, ships operated by the world’s cruise companies were the scene of 237 alleged serious crimes in the past two and a half years. In some cases, it’s the unruly and perhaps intoxicated passenger who injures another passenger due to a lack of adequate and proper security. Other times, it is from a crew member who gains a passenger’s or seamen’s trust leading to the opportunity to, without appropriate security and background checks, to injure, rape, kill or rob.

Cruise ships must take adequate and reasonable precautions to ensure that these heinous incidents do not arise and/or are swiftly prevented. Since cruise lines save money by failing to hire proper security or inexpensive foreign nationals without proper training or background checks, cruise lines must be held accountable when an injury occurs due to their conscious decision to put money over safety.


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