Many homes and commercial property in Florida have been badly damaged by Hurricane Ian.

Homeowners and policyholders who have had damage to their property may have trouble getting the money they need from their insurance carrier.  With extensive experience in insurance claims and law for over 20 years, the lawyers at The Farber Law Firm can help you get the money you are owed from your insurance company.

Ian hit land in the Gulf of Mexico, but has affected Floridians all over the state, including those who reside in Fort Myers, Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, Venice, and Naples.

Floridians are used to big hurricanes and all the damage they can cause. To protect against that risk, most Floridians have homeowners’ insurance or wind insurance or flood insurance so as to cover damage from water, wind, and other things that can happen during a hurricane.

Unfortunately, insurance companies are not always looking out for its policyholders’ best interests. But, policyholders who are having difficulty getting paid for damages which should be covered under their insurance policy have legal rights and options.  The experienced Hurricane Ian lawyers at The Farber Law Firm,, can help you hold your insurance carrier accountable to help you get the right amount of money following Hurricane Ian.

What can you do if Hurricane Ian causes damage to your home or business?

In the wake of Hurricane Ian, it’s important to file your insurance claim as soon as possible. This gives you a lot of time to fight for the compensation you deserve. If you have insurance coverage for Hurricane Ian, you should not have to fight your insurance company to get paid, but sometimes insurance companies don’t act in good faith and won’t pay for damage that should be covered by a policy.

In these situations, you may need to hire an experienced lawyer to go up against your insurance company and get you the money it owes you.

What areas were most affected from Hurricane Ian?

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian hit the southwest coast of Florida and caused significant damage in many places.  To find out more about how the storm affected different parts of Florida, please read below:

Fort Myers

Hurricane Ian hit Fort Myers the hardest, even though the center of the storm hit land just a few miles away. As Hurricane Ian got closer to the coast, the sea level rose several feet in the Fort Myers area. This caused over six feet of salt water to cover most of the city.

For several hours, the water level stayed high enough to cover almost the whole city of Fort Myers. Winds blew so hard that they uprooted trees, ripped off roofs, and threw things into and on top of homes.

Hurricane Ian did a lot of damage to homes and businesses in Fort Myers because of floods and high winds.

If you or someone you care about needs a lawyer in the Fort Myers area to help with a hurricane damage claim, we can help.

Port Charlotte

Port Charlotte is another town on Florida’s Gulf Coast that was almost hit directly by Hurricane Ian.

The storm surge caused most of the damage in Port Charlotte. More than six feet of water covered more than half the town in flood water.

Hurricane Ian hit land just to the southwest of Port Charlotte as a Category 4 storm with sustained winds of up to 150 miles per hour. This consequently caused a lot of wind damage to homes and businesses.

The Port Charlotte area is seeing damage from flooding, wind damage to roofs and siding, and major damage from floating and wind-blown debris.

Call The Farber Law Firm today if you need an insurance claims lawyer in Port Charlotte.

Punta Gorda

Punta Gorda was one of the places that Hurricane Ian impacted the most.  The hurricane hit land just west of this small town. It caused a huge storm surge, a lot of damage from wind, rain and flood waters.

For hours, most of the town was under several feet of water because of the storm surge.  Both the inside and outside of homes were damaged by flood water, which made many of the homes and business uninhabitable and completely unsalvageable.

In fact, some homes in Punta Gorda were completely washed away, especially those near the coast.

If you live in Punta Gorda and need a lawyer for hurricane damage, you can contact The Farber Law Firm.


The storm did a lot of damage to Naples, which is close to where Hurricane Ian hit land in Cayo Costa.

Naples is a low-lying coastal town and Hurricane Ian’s storm surge filled much of the city near the coastal areas with more than six feet of water. The New York Times indicated that the Naples county officials found that more than half of the roads could not be used following the storm.

Wind damage was also a problem in Naples, where strong gusts knocked over trees and damaged buildings.


The town of Sanibel is on the island of Sanibel, which is near the Gulf Coast of Florida. Some of Hurricane Ian’s worst damage happened on Sanibel.

During the hurricane, the whole island of Sanibel was under several feet of water. Buildings were either completely destroyed or swept off their foundations. Trees were blown miles away and uprooted.

After the storm, it’s hard to tell what the island used to look like.

Since the destruction of a key bridge cut off road access to Sanibel, it has taken a long time to help the residents and start the rebuilding process.

In the area around Sanibel Island, many insurance claims are being turned down because insurance companies say policyholders need separate flood insurance and that wind did not cause the damage.

People in Sanibel who need a lawyer for hurricane damage should call The Farber Law Firm today.


Hurricane Ian did a lot of damage to Venice. The storm hit land just a few miles north of the town.

Wind was a significant issue in Venice, where a lot of damage was caused by flying objects which impacted roofs and siding.

Heavy rains from the storm also caused a lot of flooding in the nearby Myakka River area.  In turn, the flooding which caused a lot of water damage in a wide swath of Venice.

St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a town on the Gulf Coast of Florida. It is close to Tampa Bay.

Hurricane Ian almost caused a total disaster of the town. At first, it was thought that the storm would hit directly, but it ended up hitting further south.

Still, Ian’s heavy rain and winds hit the town hard, causing trees to fall, some areas to flood, and other significant damage.


In the days before Hurricane Ian hit the coast, people talked about the worst-case scenario of a direct hit on the Tampa Bay area.  Luckily for people in Tampa, the storm hit land a few miles to the south.

Still, the storm caused damage to people’s homes in Tampa. Trees were knocked down, and some small streams and rivers overflowed causing widespread flooding damage.

Contact the attorneys at The Farber Law Firm today if you or someone you know needs a Tampa hurricane damage lawyer.


Hurricane Ian didn’t hit Sarasota as hard as it could have, but it still had a big effect on the city and the area around it.

Heavy rain and wind caused a lot of damage in Sarasota. Homes and businesses were hit hard.

The storm killed several people in the county (as well as in many other counties) and it did a lot of damage to the local airport.


Orlando is in the middle of Florida. It is not on the coast, like many other cities, so it was not as likely to be hit hard by a hurricane.

By the time Hurricane Ian got to Orlando, it had weakened a lot and slowed down. But nevertheless it brought heavy rains and wind which caused significant damage.

Hurricane Ian’s heavy rains caused many streams and rivers in and around Orlando to overflow from their banks. This caused water damage to homes and businesses all over the city.

After the storm, a lot of insurance companies are turning down claims from Orlando property owners because they do not believe the winds were strong enough to cause covered hurricane damage.


Just south of Orlando is a small town called Kissimmee.  Like Orlando, Kissimmee had a lot of flooding from streams and rivers, which caused many buildings to sustain damage.

Even though there was some minor damage from the wind in Kissimmee, most of the damage came from the floodwaters.

People in Kissimmee who are having trouble with their insurance claims because of Hurricane Ian should talk to a hurricane damage lawyer.


Between Gainesville and Orlando, in the middle of Florida, is the town of Ocala.  Luckily, Hurricane Ian did not do as much damage to Ocala as it did to many other places in the state.

Still, damage has been reported in the area. Some of the main effects of the storm are downed trees, heavy rain, and flying debris.

There has been some minor flooding and tree damage in the Ocala area.

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