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Businesses that own and manage properties, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hotels, apartment complexes and other venues, are required to provide adequate security for visitors and employees. Any kind of assault, robbery or other injury that occurs because the owner failed to do so may put liability squarely on that owner. Injured individuals have legal rights to file a claim against the owner and recover compensation for their injuries and recovery.


Representing Your Interests Following Negligent Or Inadequate Security Claims

At The Farber Law Firm, we are experienced in handling these claims. Miami is one of the most popular destinations in the country due to its nightlife and entertainment. Each year, a high number of individuals are injured while enjoying the city because businesses put profit over safety, and do not provide enough security when they knew or should have known of the security risk. We hold these businesses and property owners accountable for their failure to protect visitors.

If you have been injured because of negligent or inadequate security on private property, please call The Farber Law Firm of Miami, Florida, today at 305-774-0134 to learn about your legal rights and how we can seek compensation.

We Will Fight For Fair Compensation

Bar fights and brawls are some of the most common causes of injuries in bars and restaurants. The owners have a responsibility to have security and bouncers on hand to protect patrons, including those involved in the fight.

Hotels, motels, apartment complexes and malls are also often the scenes of injuries that should have been prevented by more stringent security. Patrons may be injured by intruders or robbed by people who should have not been allowed onto or to remain on the property.

We thoroughly investigate the circumstances of your injury and put together the evidence needed to show that inadequate security directly contributed to or allowed the incident to occur. Our lawyers will aggressively fight on your behalf to hold business owners accountable after you should have been protected.

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If you were injured in an accident, lost a loved one to negligence, or had your insurance claim denied or underpaid, let us help you obtain the results you deserve. To learn more, please contact our Florida law firm today for your free initial consultation. We would be honored to put our experience, skill and integrity to work for you!

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