If you need an attorney to help you deal with your insurance company, call The Farber Law Firm at (305) 774-0134 or 833-INS-LOSS.

If anyone gets the insurance business’s mentality, its attorney David S. Farber.  Having spent the first 6 years of his career in the defense of insurance companies, he has, for the past 16 years, exclusively represented policyholders.

Unlike many law firms who just started handling these types of cases, The Farber Law Firm has extensive experience in representing policyholders and has recovered millions on its clients’ behalf.  At The Farber Law Firm, we know that it’s bad enough having to deal with the effects of a natural disaster but having to struggle with your own insurance company that pledged to be there when calamity strikes is beyond frustrating.

We are all too familiar with the struggles homeowners and businesses will face in the next weeks and months and therefore, to minimize that frustration, The Farber Law Firm suggests the following:

  1. As soon as it is safe to do so, take measures to prevent further damage (i.e., having fallen trees properly removed, dry out damaged interiors, and tarp your roofs) — feel free to contact us if you need referrals, as we know professionals throughout the State that specialize in this.
  2. Capture the damage with photographs and video.
  3. Consider hiring a qualified Public Adjuster.  He/she can relieve you of a lot of stress during the claims process.  If you are not acquainted with a Public Adjuster, we know some great Public Adjusters located in different parts of the State who can assist you in filing and negotiating your claim.  Remember, an insurance adjuster’s loyalty lies with the insurance company he represents, while a Public Adjuster is on YOUR side.

The Farber Law Firm is honored to be recognized as a leader in insurance litigation/claims and is immensely proud that policyholders, like Judges, Mediators, fellow lawyers (all who know thousands of lawyers to choose from), and insureds, call upon on The Farber Law Firm in their time of need.  We are uniquely focused on client relations and doing what we can to make difficult problems vastly more manageable.

Know that Mr. Farber is AVTM rated from Martindale-Hubbell for his professionalism and skill the publication’s highest possible rating) as well as a “Client Champion”.  If you have questions regarding your insurance claim, The Farber Law Firm has answers!

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