Causes of Indoor Slips And Falls

There are a variety of conditions that can contribute to indoor slip and fall accidents. Some may be the result of the negligence of the owners of the premises, and if so, they could be held liable for any injuries that occur on their property. Florida residents should be aware of these conditions and understand that they may have recourse if they are harmed.

The condition of floors can cause slip and fall accidents. The owner of the property can be considered negligent if actions were not taken to warn guests or invitees of the problem. For example, there should be warning signs advising supermarket customers of a wet floor. If floors are in such a state of disrepair that they can lead to a person tripping, the owner can also be considered responsible for any bodily damage that occurs.

Stairs also present a safety issue when they are not properly maintained or if there are items that can be tripped over. If the owner of the premises was or should have been aware of the hazardous condition and there was enough time for the issue to have been resolved, liability could attach.

Escalators can also cause serious injuries if they are not properly maintained. Many accidents occur when clothing items become entangled in the machines or when the machines abruptly jerk while in use. Property owners are responsible for maintaining safe conditions for people who are guests or invitees, and they are required to provide warnings if there are any unsafe situations present. An attorney who has experience in premises liability litigation can often be of assistance to a person who is injured and who is seeking compensation for the losses that have been incurred.


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