Driver Behavior Causes Majority of Large Truck Crashes

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration has partnered with the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance to educate driver behavior about safe practices behind the wheel. Law enforcement in Florida and across the nation will step up efforts to cite drivers of both commercial and passenger vehicles for behaviors that lead to accidents.

In a study of large truck accidents that the FMCSA conducted, the agency designated driver behavior as the cause of 88 percent of commercial vehicle wrecks. For accidents involving passenger vehicles, the actions of drivers contributed to 93 percent of crashes.

Law enforcement will target drivers that speed, fail to observe traffic control devices, drive too closely to other vehicles and change lanes improperly. People who do not wear their seat belts will also be ticketed. Law enforcement intends to increase awareness among drivers of what causes accidents and ultimately reduce the deaths and injuries that accompany motor vehicle accidents.

Numerous behaviors contribute to truck accidents. A person injured in such a crash might choose to consult a personal injury attorney if negligence caused the accident. An attorney can review the official police accident investigation report, eyewitness testimony, truck maintenance and driver logs and other forms of evidence to pinpoint the cause of the crash. If it can be demonstrated that improper maintenance was the cause, then the trucking company can be named as a defendant. When the cause can be attributed to the driver, such as one who was speeding, impaired by alcohol, distracted by a cellphone or drowsy, then in some cases both the driver and the employer can be held responsible.


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