Property Damage To Your Home


Pests, natural disasters, and more can threaten your home, one of your most valued assets. After significant loss or damage, you may have questions about whether your insurance policy will cover you loss, how and when you will be compensated, or what to do if you have issues with your insurance carrier.

Miami Property Damage: What kind of loss have you suffered?

All homes are potentially susceptible to:

  • Pest damage from termites, mice, etc.
  • Faulty construction or remodeling.
  • Vandalism, arson, and break-ins.
  • Mold damage.
  • Winds, storms, windstorms, tornadoes and flooding damage.
  • Smoke damage.
  • Roof, window, and siding damage.
  • Hail damage.
  • Water damage.

And outside your home’s structure:

  • Landscaping damage.
  • Detached garage damage.
  • Fence damage.
  • Cars, boats, and other property which sits upon your land.

Does my insurance policy cover this damage?

It depends. Many homeowners call their insurance company after property damage believing their insurer will “handle it.” Unfortunately , insurance companies sometimes improperly refuse coverage or delay claims.  So what can you do?  First check your policy for coverage and limits. If your policy has been destroyed in the loss or you cannot locate a copy, contact your insurance agent to have the policy sent to you digitally. Next, do not expect that even if your property is destroyed, your insurance company will 100% come to your aid.  To have the best chance of obtaining full recovery, gather any pre-loss photographs/videos and receipts for personal property and provide them to your insurance company. You do not want to find yourself in a situation where the insurance company is claiming that it cannot determine what caused the loss, leaving you without monies to make necessary repairs and replacements.

If your home needs to be rebuilt or extensively repaired, a public adjuster or property damage claims attorney may be helpful. Both can investigate, seek compensation, and negotiate with the insurance company to try to obtain what you are entitled to under the policy.  And, if the insurance company still does not pay what you are owed or reverse its denial, an attorney can file a lawsuit on your behalf.

If You Experience Difficulty Getting Your Insurance Claim Paid

If you’re experiencing problems filing, submitting, or collecting on a claim for a property damage or securing coverage for additional living expenses, call The Farber Law Firm at 833-INS-LOSS or fill out a contact form at www.thehurricanelawyer.com

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