What to Do If You Are Hurt by a Drunk Driver?

After a car accident, getting medical attention and taking care of yourself should be your top concern.  However, in an accident involving a drunk driver, the dangers are exacerbated because the other motorist was intoxicated and may be acting erratically.  Focus on yourself but consider using your cellular telephone to video the at-fault’s driver behavior.  Depending on your State, make sure you are not recording what he/she says, but do take a mental note of what was said (and how he/she says it as well as the odors emanating off of his/her breath or body) as it will likely become important when and if the at-fault drunk driver attempts to argue he/she is not at fault for causing the accident or was intoxicated.

These guidelines will help you after a drunk driving accident:

Report the Accident to the Police and Follow-up With the Department to Obtain a Copy of the Police Report

It is imperative to report an automobile collision to the police and obtain a copy of the accident report.   This can assist you in demonstrating that the accident occurred and that you are entitled to compensation for any related damages. In the report or exchange, you will receive the at-fault drunk driver name, address, and hopefully his/her insurance carrier information.  Without this information, it is very difficult to make a claim for your injuries.

The report should also contain a list of witnesses and/or other drivers/passengers in the vehicles.  But do not wait for the police to obtain this information as sometime not all information is recorded or obtained by the police.  If you are able, obtain this information as soon as feasible as it will ultimately save you time and stress in the future.

Seek Immediate Medical Attention and Document Your Injuries

If you were injured in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver, you should seek immediate medical attention. This is not only if you have been severely hurt and require emergency medical attention, but in all situations.  Be careful to disclose your medical history if you’ve ever been diagnosed with a prior illness or injury as well as everything that is causing you any pain and/or discomfort.

As you can anticipate, crucial medical information is obtained at the outset of claim and what you say/do can be used to decide your future treatment plan, the associated costs of treatment, as well as whether your injuries are correlated to the accident.  And when handling your claim with the insurance adjuster for the at-fault drunk driver, they will review your medical records to assess the severity of your injuries and your entitlement to compensation.

Find a Top Lawyer

When you’ve been hurt in an accident caused by a drunk driver and are seeking compensation, it’s crucial to contact a top attorney with experience managing drunk driving accident claims.  Contacting an attorney as soon as possible following an accident can help to expedite the process and ensure that you are getting treatment you need and the compensation you deserve.

Please know that you do not have to face these difficulties alone. The Miami Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys at The Farber Law Firm can assist you in all aspects of your claim and help you to secure the necessary compensation you require.  The Farber Law Firm offers free case evaluations and consultations. We want to be your lawyers – Call us today at 305-774-0134.

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